New-York v London

Yearly competition organised by Simon Adamsdale (LPC) & Ernesto (La Boule New-Yorkaise)…

La Boule New-Yorkaise & NY Petanque Club

Have a look at 2015



The annual Challenge Match between New York City and London was played at the home of the London Petanque Club at Cleaver Square near the Oval on Saturday 4 June.
The Londoners won by 10 games with a score of 17-7 and a massive points difference of 52-22.
The Challenge Trophy was hoisted by London Skipper Barry Wing onto the plinth at the Prince of Wales Public House at Cleaver Square.
Will the Londoners be able to repeat the performance in New York City next year?

2017… was good fun but did not go our way…
(when you think they play petanque 5min from Grand Central…)