Eurocup Final 2018

Eurocup Final 2018

The final was played over the weekend 28/29 April at Rayne, Essex.
Unfortunately the weather was not ideal – cold and wet on Saturday, cold and windy on Sunday!!

After playing the semi-final with a minimum squad we were able to add a couple more players and the LPC team was made up of:
Nic Baxter, Monty Quaia, Sylvestre Manasay, Tomás Edgar, Vince Wills, Claire White, Dean Seville, Rob de Haan, Nicki Scott.

After a total of 33 games we finished in second place. We had hoped for better but this was our best ever result in the competition and further establishes LPC as a club to be respected.

The whole squad was very much a team and those who weren’t playing showed their support throughout. We now have a very good and fully committed core squad and over the next months will be looking to strengthen it further.

Practical and logistical support from Simon Adamsdale and Nick Goodheart was very much appreciated by the players and for the first time there were regular updates on social media, thanks to Nicki.

Barry Scott – Eurocup captain

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